We are thrilled to welcome you and your furry family members to Rendez Vous RV Park. Please go over the rules of the park, and feel free to ask any questions for clarification. 

Pet Deposits:

  • Nightly Stays: A refundable deposit of $25 per pet will be required at time of check in. Deposits are refunded in full after check out and site inspection is acceptable.
  • Weekly/4Week Stays: Pet Deposit is combined with the security deposit.


  1. Pets must be on a leash at all times. 
  2. When pets are outside the trailer, the owner must be present at all times. 
  3. All pet waste must be properly and immediately disposed of.
  4. Guests are solely responsible for the health, safety, security, and well being of their animals, as well as any financial burden which may be incurred by the pet.
  5. Failure to remove pet waste from the site may result in additional charges. 
  6. An accurate number of pets must be disclosed to Rendez Vous RV Park.
  7. Do NOT dispose of pet waste via the sewer lines- including “bio friendly” poop baggies and/or cat litter. 
  8. Do NOT dispose of pet waste in the fire pits. 
  9. Do not tie your pet to a tree.
  10. In order to keep the park healthy and clean, Rendez Vous may occasionally spray pesticides, herbicides. These areas will be clearly marked with yellow flags. Make sure to keep your pets out of these marked areas!!

Rendez Vous RV Park & Storage & affiliated entities are not liable for any damages, injuries, penalties, or other liabilities in concern to guests’ pets or property.

It’s important that these rules be followed to ensure a happy and healthy visit to our park for all of our visitors. Due consideration will be taken on a case by case basis pending severity and frequency of failure to follow these requests, but may result in additional charges above and beyond the deposit, as well as the potential request for the pet to be removed from the property. Rendez Vous RV Park reserves the right of sole discretion in these matters, and is under no obligation to refund any amount to the guest, which may include up to the entirety of the originally reserved stay.