If you’re planning to camp through the winter, here are a few tips for preparing your RV for the cold weather.

*Skirting your RV can help prevent wind from blowing under your trailer and creating a cold draft. This can be professionally done, or you can use bubble foil or even wood cut down to suit your needs if you prefer a do it yourself method.
*Ensure that your slides and windows are insulated. This can easily be done with bubble foil or by using a window insulator kit. You will also want to insulate your roof vents and skylights, as these are good places for heat to escape. This can be avoided by using RV vent cushions, which can either be bought or made using thick foam padding. The most efficient way to hold all this in place is either foil wrap or tuck tape, as it won’t shift during the colder months.

*During the winter at Rendez-Vous, we heat trace the water lines from the ground to the pedestal to prevent the water from freezing. Our sewer lines are also deep enough that the frost doesn’t become an issue. However, if you are planning to hook up your water during the winter, we recommend purchasing a heated water line, which we sell in our office, as normal water hoses will freeze.
*To prevent your sewer from freezing, we suggest having a rigid PCV pipe with bubble foil for insulation.
*We also have clean restrooms, shower houses, and laundry facilities year-round.

*Having a 450lb propane tank during the winter will help to keep your electricity bill down and offer convenient, affordable heating. We are able to fill them on site at our propane station, bring them to your site, and hook them up for you. We also recommend keeping the above 30%. Doing this can help to keep your electricity bill low, at an average of $100-$150 per month.